Dynamics 365 Business Central gives Unger Fabrikker full control over the flow of goods on 40,000 pallets worldwide

Every year, Unger Fabrikker in Fredrikstad sends out 40,000 pallets of technical cleaning products to customers all over the world. Business Central, supplied by Dynapro, ensures quality and traceability all the way to the customers.

Unger Fabrikker is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of cleaning products and hygiene items. Unger's product portfolio contains cleaning products for personal, industrial and institutional use. From Unger's modern factories in Fredrikstad, high-quality technical products are exported to the whole world.

Unger's ERP system was outdated and was no longer maintained and updated. After thorough research of the ERP market, Unger chose Microsoft Business Central. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Unger has a business system that is tightly integrated with the manufacturer's office support systems and other business-critical applications. At the same time, the system's standard functionality covers most of Unger Fabrikker's needs. Business Central has provided Unger with a standardized and closely linked technology platform.

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A well-functioning ERP system is crucial and critical for Unger Fabrikker. With Business Central we have a user-friendly system and we are always up to date on the latest version. Business Central has contributed to improvement in quality and efficiency.

Terje Nyhus

Financial Manager at Unger Fabrikker AS

The Customer's Challenges

Unger Fabrikker had an outdated ERP system, which presented a number of challenges:

  • It was expensive to maintain.
  • It did not support the employees' demands for an efficient and user-friendly system.
  • Administrative processes and quality control included many, time-consuming manual operations. These could also be a source of error.
  • Old, unsupported business systems are also more vulnerable to security incidents.
  • Compliance with new legal requirements, such as SAF-T and reporting to the authorities required specially developed additional solutions.

In addition, Unger Fabrikker wanted an ERP system that provided increased flexibility for employees and supported working from home.

Dynapro's Solution

After thorough research, Unger Fabrikker chose Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. One important reason was that the industrial company had Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Sharepoint and other services from Microsoft's cloud platform Azure.

For Unger, it was important that the ERP system was tightly integrated with Office 365 and the manufacturer wanted to exploit the effects by standardizing on Microsoft's platform. The choice of Business Central has provided a standardized and closely linked technology platform.

With Business Central, Unger Fabrikker has a business system that is always up to date. Instead of custom configurations and expensive proprietary solutions, Unger has chosen to get the necessary additional functionality found in the Microsoft Azure ecosystem. This means that the ERP system can be continuously updated without Unger having to wait for adaptations from developers of third-party solutions.

With the help of Dynapro, Unger has integrated specialized business-critical systems related to production with Business Central. This ensures that the information is handled in the ERP system and that the data quality increases.

The Result

The upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has had a number of positive effects for Unger Fabrikker. First, the system is constantly updated. This way Unger avoids costly resource-intensive and risky upgrade projects. Today Unger has predictable fixed operating costs associated with the ERP system in stead of high and unpredictable investment costs.

An updated business system also means that it is constantly adapted to new legal requirements and regulations, such as changed VAT rates and rules or new accounting regulations. The standard functions in Business Central are constantly adapted to current regulations. With the old system, Unger Fabrikker had to develop special solutions to comply with the legislation, including those related to the export of accounting data in accordance with the SAF-T standard. This is handled by Business Central's standard functions today.

Every year, Unger Fabrikker sends out 40,000 pallets of cleaning products, hygiene items and surfactant chemicals for high-volume use and products that are tailored for special cleaning purposes. In addition, Unger develops concentrates that are mixed according to customers' wishes and specifications. It is very important that the products can be traced all the way from production to customer and that customers always receive the right product.

In close collaboration with Dynapro, Unger Fabrikker has automated and digitized several processes. Today, data from the delivery of the products is automatically entered into the ERP system with handheld terminals. This allows Unger to track the shipments all the way to the customer and the system ensures that all customers all over the world receive the right goods. Business Central has provided better control and increased data quality.

The processing of incoming invoices is also done digitally and automatically, which means that Unger saves a lot of time and large costs associated with invoice processing. Business Central also gives the 120 employees at Unger Fabrikker more flexibility and the opportunity to work efficiently regardless of time and place. Based on Dynapro's deep industry knowledge and thorough work, the Business Central implementation has quickly yielded great results.

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We chose Dynapro because it was the partner who understood us and our needs best. We have come to know Dynapro as thorough, they take responsibility and give us good support. Dynapro delivers good quality and delivers solutions that make Unger Fabrikker more efficient.

Terje Nyhus

Financial Manager at Unger Fabrikker AS