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Simplify demand forecasting with Material Planner

Material Planner provides an easy to understand overview of the material needed to be either purchased or manufactured to meet the demand of your customers.

Get an overview of your items' availability

From a single page you can get valuable insights into how much you are selling, producing and have on stock for an item. Material Planner allows you to filter by location, item number, item category and many other factors and highlights items that require your immediate attention.

A screenshot of the Material Planner Overview page

Easily replenish your inventory

You can then easily create either a Production Order or a Purchase Order for the items that need to be replenished using the valuable insights into item availability provided by Material Planner without leaving the Material Planner Overview page.

A screenshot of the dialog for replenishing items

Get more accurate forecast entries

Material Planner will create Forecast Entries from the components from an item's bill of materials (Production BOM) for every level.

Get an overview of your available inventory into the future

Material planner offers an analysis of how the product availability develops in the future. You can control whether forecast figures should be included in the calculations. Replenishments can then be created using the date on which a demand exists for the item.

A screenshot of the page Item Availability by Period with Forecast included


Price per company

Kr. 1492per month


Material Planner is available for both Business Central online and Buisness Central On-Premises and only requires the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials license.

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If you are using Business Central Online you can get Material Planner from Microsoft AppSource and try it out for free for 30 days.

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