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Dynapro Manufacturing

Prevent mistakes, save time and improve efficiency with Dynapro Manufacturing

Dynapro Manufacturing expands the capacity of manufacturing functions in Business Central to help you and your team‘s manufacturing processes run more quickly and smoothly.

With Dynapro Manufacturing you can:

  • Set a default status and location that automatically appears on production orders.
  • Create subcontractor orders automatically.
  • Automatically copy links from routing.
  • Safeguard against posting output quantity if there are no related capacity ledger entries with runtimes.
  • Safeguard against posting output quantity if there is no related consumption.
  • Extend the functionality for calculating consumption.
  • Show upcoming inventory changes on production order components.
  • Get a summary of released and finished production orders.

Dynapro Manufacturing license pricing

1.350 NOKper month per company


Dynapro Manufacturing is available for both Business Central Online and Business Central On-premises but requires a Business Central Premium license to work.

Interested in trying out Dynapro Manufacturing?

If you are using Business Central Online you can get Dynapro Manufacturing from Microsoft AppSource and try it out for free for 30 days.

Get it on Microsoft AppSource

For the On-premises version please contact us using the form below and we will help you to get up and running.